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Are you fatigued from those constant drips from your faucet or the squeaky door that disrupts your peace? Have mounting home repair tasks encumbered your free time? It’s finally time to consider my exceptional handyman services in Denton, TX. Through my Big J Quality Handyman & Home Repair services, you will rediscover the joy of living in a well-maintained, functional home without enduring the stress of DIY repairs.

My Services

Handyman & Welding

Handyman & Welding
As a handyman, I offer various services, including welding. I can fabricate and assemble structures and structures from raw materials. I strive to understand my handyman repair service client’s needs to provide precise, high-quality results.

Electrical & Construction

Electrical & Construction
My expertise extends to electrical and construction work. From wiring installations to fixing electrical faults, I execute all tasks safely. Additionally, I take on construction projects, ensuring successful completion from inception to execution.

Sheetrock Installation and Repair

Sheetrock Installation and Repair
I undertake Sheetrock (or drywall) installation and repairs. My services entail cutting, assembling, and installing the Sheetrock, then conducting necessary repairs such as filling holes and cracks. I ensure a smooth and clean finish every time.


I solve various plumbing issues, including leaks, blocked drains, and faulty fixtures. I have gained a vast understanding of plumbing systems, enabling me to diagnose and rectify issues effectively while maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system.

Deck & Siding

Deck & Siding
I offer deck and siding services, which means I can construct, repair, and maintain outdoor components of your home. This includes designing stunning and durable decks and installing and repairing various types of siding.

Painting & Flooring

Painting & Flooring
I ensure attention to detail and a high-quality finish when painting and flooring. Whether you want a new, vibrant color for your living room walls or need a complete re-flooring of your house, I’ll be able to guide you through the decision-making process and facilitate smooth execution.

Remodeling & Drywall

Remodeling & Drywall
I also provide remodeling services that can transform any room in your abode according to your vision. Concurrently, my drywall services include installing, repairing, and maintaining to give your walls and ceilings a polished and smooth appearance.

Home Repair & Improvement

Home Repair & Improvement
I offer holistic home repair and improvement services for all aspects of your house. My company aims to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space, from fixing small niggles to implementing major overhauls.

Framing & Tv Mounting

Framing & Tv Mounting
I can help with precision framing, ensuring stability and levelness. Additionally, if you need a television mounted on your wall, my expertise guarantees a secure and optimal setup, allowing for the viewing experience.


Perks of my services:
I pride myself on offering handyman services tailored to each client’s needs. With my broad spectrum of home maintenance and repair expertise, I can handle many jobs, big or small. Whether installing a new light fixture, repairing drywall damage, or troubleshooting a stubborn garage door, my handyman service is committed to providing efficient solutions and excellent craftsmanship. 

How is the work done?
So, how does it all work? Once I receive your quality handyman services request, I assess the work that needs to be done, explaining the process thoroughly to ensure you’re completely informed. I then use my knowledge, skills, and high-quality tools to complete the job efficiently and effectively. My goal is not just to fix things but to do so in a manner that adds value to your life and property.

Other Areas

Big J Quality Handyman & Home Repair‘s services are available in these locations:

  • Argyle, TX; 
  • Highland Village, TX; 
  • Lake Dallas, TX; 
  • Providence Village Town, TX; 
  • Paloma Creek South, TX;

Contact me today at (940) 204-0690 in Denton, TX to schedule your consultation and experience my commitment to home repair service and customer satisfaction firsthand.

Client Testimonials

Happy Client!

The handyman service I received was truly top-notch. Not only was the problem quickly identified, but it was just as rapidly resolved. This service is reliable, professional, and high-quality. I recommend it to anyone in need of handyman repair services.

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